Friday, December 25, 2009

Sexy Hot Ethiopian Women - Mihret Abebe

Ethiopian Women Photos - Mihret Abebe

Sexy Hot Ethiopian Women - Mihret Abebe

Mihret Abebe was Miss Ethiopia in 2007 and represented the great country in the Miss World Beauty Pageant in Sanya, China. Although she didn’t advance to the semi-finals, she still made a splash on the worldly stage. Mihret is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women that have ever come out of Ethiopia.

I found the best picture of her was this one from the competition. First of all, it shows off her body really well. You can see her long, skinny, and sexy frame. Looking at her body, her can really tell that she works out a lot. Her very well defined abs show this off. She also has the long flowing black hair. I know this hair has been super-conditioned, but it really shows off her beautiful face. Although she has a very thin frame, she still has curves in just the right places. You see a hint of this in her hips and breasts. This is not extreme, but just a little bit to say that she’s a woman… just an extremely beautiful woman.

But the best feature of all has to be her smile. Yes, she has very straight white teeth, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Her smile is very sweet. With beauty pageant contestants, it’s easy to see if the smile is sweet and real or simply put on like their make-up. This girl is real. Her smile is soft and sweet and that tells me that this girl is sweet as well.

She is a knockout, too. Hot, Hot Hot, but sweet as well. That makes her even more sexy!

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