Monday, March 8, 2010

Sexy Hot Ethiopian Women - Sara Nuru

Sexy Hot Ethiopian Women - Sara Nunu

Sexy Hot Ethiopian Women - Sara Nuru

Although she was born in Edinburgh, Germany, Sara Nuru is of Ethiopian descent and was born from 2 Ethiopian immigrants so I’ll call her ok for this blog. She was the winner of Germany’s next top model competition, however and is fluent in German, English, and Arabic. Because of the show, Sara earned jobs working for Sony Ericsson and Gillette.

I really like this picture. It shows Sara in a bubble bath shaving her beautiful legs. For you foot fetish guys out there, it shows a perfect picture of her left foot all covered in suds. Now I don’t know how long they took on the bubble placement, but it was extremely strategic. For example, the suds barely cover her breasts and you get a little peek at the right one. Now that I look at it a little bit closer, I think this is one of her endorsement deals. So the best part of all of this has to be Sara’s smile. She really looks like she’s having a good time and that it’s not forced. You know, the smile is the best view into a woman’s personality. Typically, you can tell whether she’s sweet and approachable or a royal bitch just by the way she smiles.

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  1. She looks like she was having fun. A waterproof massager will be great with her.


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