Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sexy Hot Ethiopian Women - Gelila Bekele

Sexy Hot Ethiopian Women - Gelila Bekele

Sexy Hot Ethiopian Women - Gelila Bekele

Gelila Bekele is an amazingly sexy and drop dead gorgeous Ethiopian model, humanitarian, and social activist. Gelila is a model for the famous Ford agency. She has been the face of many brands including Levi’s, Pantene, L’oreal, and Colgate. She has also graced the cover of many fashion magazine covers including: Essence, Marie Claire, Allure, Lucky, and various others. Bekele leverages her national recognition to help the unfortunate all over the world. Specifically, she devotes her philanthropic efforts to helping provide natural essentials like food and water to the poor. The specific charities she’s involved in include Darfur Action Network and A Glimmer of Hope.

Gelila does not have very many overtly sexual pictures of herself out there. This one gets about the closest you will get. This one does a pretty good job, though. First, you see her signature wild and crazy hair. Then you see her flawless face. In particular, you see her full lips that are very kissable. Then you see her plunging neckline shirt that brings special attention to her perfect big breasts. They are especially accented because she is grabbing her left breast with her left hand.

Wish we could see more of you Gelila!

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